The Union Way of Life

Chris stands with the labor movement and supports the union way of life. He fought alongside fellow Pitt workers and the United Steelworkers as an organizing committee member to secure a faculty union at Pitt (the biggest union election in the country in 2021).

It’s no surprise that the radical right and their corporate backers have been waging war against unions, one of the most important tools we have to push back against corporate power. Unions have been on the defensive for decades in the face of this rising corporate power, hostile judges, and governments willing to lure companies with anti-union so-called “right-to-work” laws. We know that unionized workers earn better wages, benefits, and working conditions, and it’s long past time to make it easier for folks to form and join a union.

Chris supports the PRO Act, legislation that would reset the playing field to give workers a fair shot at forming a union and to hold employers liable when they break the law, and efforts to protect the collective bargaining and other rights of both private and public sector workers. In his first term in Congress he introduced legislation to protect the rights of striking workers and is a member of the Labor Caucus. Chris strongly believes we have to fight to protect hard-earned pensions, resist outsourcing of jobs, and guard against efforts to privatize our government.

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Chris Deluzio is a United States veteran. Use of rank, title, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy or the Department of the Army.
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