Taking on Corporate Power

For far too long, we have allowed corporations to gain unhealthy power over so much of society and our lives. Consolidation of industries has cost us jobs, stifled competition, hurt consumers, killed small businesses, and left workers without options or bargaining power. Workers have suffered under corporate power that can fire you for any reason, dictate the terms of your job, and outsource your work at the drop of a hat. Corporations (supported by the Republican politicians they fund) have lobbied hard to slash taxes and regulations, all while pouring cash into our elections and enriching themselves and shareholders through huge profits, stock buybacks, and dividends. 


Rail Safety

Powerful railroad companies like Norfolk Southern have run roughshod over our community, prioritizing company profit margins and stock buybacks over our safety. Such greed and incompetence let to the toxic derailment in East Palestine, just outside Darlington Township, PA. Since the derailment in February 2023, Chris has called for increased resources and testing and met with residents, farmers, and small businesses, fighting hard to hold Norfolk Southern accountable and to make rail safer. Chris has introduced several bills in Congress to make freight rail safer in Western Pennsylvania and across America and to support first responders, including the bipartisan Railway Safety Act.


Fighting for Corporate Accountability 

We have to be willing to bolster antitrust enforcement, and Chris supports efforts in Congress and the Biden administration’s plans to do exactly that. Chris also supports strong action to end junk fees that so many powerful corporations use to rip off small businesses and consumers. Corporations should also pay their fair share of taxes and be held to account when they kill jobs and evade taxes through outsourcing and tax dodging schemes. With their massive corporate profits and stock gains throughout the pandemic, there is no reason why big corporations shouldn’t be contributing to rebuilding the nation’s crumbling infrastructure and safety net. And when corporations cut corners on safety and other rules, we should be aggressive in protecting their workers, customers, and neighbors.

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