Energy Policy and the Climate Crisis

Chris believes that we need bold and swift action to make Western Pennsylvania communities resilient to the effects of climate change and to secure our children’s future on earth. We should have clean air and water and strong union jobs.

To do this, we need to invest in the clean energy sources of the future, while protecting and creating union jobs in places like Allegheny and Beaver County that have kept the lights on in this country for over a century. Chris supports policies like the Inflation Reduction Act that are investing in renewable energy production and creating good jobs right here in Western Pennsylvania.

To get to the future where the world is free of greenhouse gas emissions–which we must do for the sake of humanity–we have to be honest about the role of natural gas’s role to help us get there. It is a significant source of union jobs in Western Pennsylvania and a key domestic source of energy, helping us reduce dependence on imports. Chris is not willing to send our kids overseas to fight another energy war.

We should, of course, fight for tougher environmental standards around natural gas (like methane emissions controls) and protect our public lands, but we need natural gas in our electrical grid to provide reliable base load power while we build out capacity for non-fossil fuel sources like solar, hydropower, and wind. Our region is also lucky to have a major source of non-fossil fuel energy: Beaver Valley Power Station in Beaver County. It employs hundreds of union workers and provides critically reliable power to the grid. We ought to be doing everything we can to ensure that nuclear remains a key and viable part of our energy mix, especially if we strive for a future with carbon-free energy powered by solid union jobs.

Chris will never vote to kill good Western PA jobs–union jobs–and go tell people to learn to code or whatever rubbish they’ve cooked up. Chris will fight for our jobs, for our air and water, and for our clean energy future with Western Pennsylvania leading the way.

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